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Blogging and Your Book

December 15, 2018

Blogging Is Important

Whatever your book about, make your blog about that. If you are Christian writing about Christian Living; then, blog about those things. Always add your book cover image in every blog post and make it linked to Amazon. Always ad a header image that is indicative of your blog subject. Make your blogs short. You can post these blogs on your social media. 

Facebook is great because when you post a link on a post, it will automatically pull your main header image over. When you clock on your category on your blog, it will give you the titles, the header image, a snippet, and a Continue Reading with an arrow. Highlight all of that with your mouse, copy; then, right-click in your Facebook post hit paste. Now, it will not bring your header image over yet. God back and right-click the title and copy the link. Now, right click right after the arrow in your post and paste the link, The header will be pulled over with the link.



Social Media Marketing

January 01, 2019

Facebook and Twitter

These are the two most important social media platforms. You will want to have your personal Facebook profile but clean it up and make it look a little more professional. You will also want a Facebook Author Page. You will want a Twitter author account as well. Make your header for all of these with Post about two times a day, keep it simple about your book, your life as an author and always use images or your link to Amazon, Join some Facebook groups as well, which will afford you opportunities to talk about your book. Become friends with like-minded authors.

Book Signings

January 15, 2019

Individually Owned Bookstores

  • They will let you bring your own books and they may buy some for the store too
Chain Bookstore (e.g. Barnes & Noble) 
  • Most but not all will only let you sign and sell books that they purchased. So, in other words, B&N will order 30 books that will come to the store, you will sign those books that they are selling. You are still getting these sales too but the royalties come later. Not, some sales take 8-8 weeks before they ever show up in our system. So, you may do a signing in May but we do not know of the sale until July or August, so you get paid the four months after it shows up on the printer and distributors site.
  • SOMETIMES: If you do enough chain stores they will invite you to one of their big book fairs.


  • Call and make certain the manager is in the store and if so, go there to talk to him or her.
  • With a copy of your book in hand, go to the store and ask to speak to the manager
  • Hand them your book as soon as they walk up. Tell them that you are a local author, even if the store is 50+ miles away and that you would like to do a book signing.
  • They will check the computer system to see if there is a buyback program for your book. A buyback program means that the publisher will buy back books that do not sell (they purchase 30 for example and in several months, only 24 sells, so they want the publisher to buy them back.
  • We are no longer marking our authors under the buyback program because they only have one address to send the books to, us; then, we have to send the books to you adding the extra shipping. NOW, there are exceptions, if your book becomes a bestseller, we will make it a buyback.
  • HOW YOU CAN DO YOUR OWN BUYBACK: If the manager says that there is no buyback program for your book after looking it up on the computer, tell them that you will buy back any books that do not sell at the cost that they paid for them. This is great because you save them the hassle of shipping and you get discounted books for another book signing.
  • If the manager agrees, they will make the arrangement with you on the date and time.

Local Library

January 15, 2019

Book Signing at Your Local Library

In America, every county has at least one state library. Most of these are interested in supporting their local authors. They do so in two ways. First, they will let you do a book signing at the library, what better place, right Some will even go so far as to run an ad in the local newspaper about your upcoming book signing. Thus, if you take your county and the surrounding counties, you could have at least ten libraries to have a book signing. They also support the local author by having author book clubs meet there in the local library.

Local Library

February 21, 2019

Do a Lot of Social Media Followers Lead to Being a Successful Author?

A Successful Author Will Have a Lot of Social Media Followers

There is a little truth to this, but it is not an end all be all in the sense that many might think. Yes, it is important regularly to write somewhere else other than your book, for example, you might write on a blog or on some social media platform like Facebook or Twitter. However, it is a mistake to believe that a high number of followers on social media will automatically mean a higher number of book sales, which may be but many times it is just not the case.

Social media and blogging are certainly very important but there is something that is far more important than your digital platform and that is just how effective are you as an author in communicating your intended meaning to your intended audience. The most important factor as a writer and an author is that you are qualified to write on the subject matter of the book that you are penning. The best approach then is to focus on both things at the same time. You need to focus on your writing as an author and you also need to focus on your social media platforms as well.

The suggestion is that you be consistent and write in your book each and every day even if it is as little as 15 minutes daily. Also, you should have a Facebook profile, as well as a Facebook page as an author page, and an author Twitter account at a minimum, all of them having a header with your book covers in the header image ( is great for social media images and it is free). You will want to write on your social media platform 3 to 4 times a day, growing your social media presence. Any more than 4 times a day and people will block you. Also, you will want to respond to some posts by others that have become your friends or followers.

Most certainly, you should have a blog ( that is related to what you write about as an author. If you are a novelist who writes some fantasy fiction, you could blog very short stories and then share those on your social media platforms. If you write about biblical studies; then, blog about that subject. Whatever is your genre of writing; then, this is what should be blogging about. 

Within your blog, you should post the image of your book cover and link it to your book on Amazon. Moreover, every blog should have an appropriate featured image that grabs attention. When you post your blog on Facebook, you do not need to upload your header image because when you post the link, the Facebook system will pull the header image over and it will be linked so that whoever clicks on it, it will jump them to your blog article. Lastly, under your category on the blog, you will find them listed with the title, the header image and a snippet of your post, plus an arrow that says Continue Reading. Highlight and copy all of that and post it on your social media. On Twitter, you will have to trim some of your snippets, so it is within their 240 characters. Also, you will have to upload your header image on Twitter.

See here for a good example of a blog header. See here for how the posts look under a category. See here for how they appear on Facebook.